Gina's Platter:  Assortment of Tuscan Cured Meats, Tuscan Ewe's cheese with Honey, Homemade Jams, Mixed Canapès and Fried Dough  10.00€

Pappa with Tomato: Tuscan bread soup cooked with tomato sauce 5.00€

Tuscan Croutons: sliced Tuscan bread with chicken liver patè  5.00€

Fried Dough with ham and "Finocchiona":   9.00€

Bufala & Ham & Coccoli: Buffalo Mozzarella with Tuscan Ham and fried dough9€

Big Platter of the Trattoria: two times "Gina's platter", ideal to share  18.00€ [for each Big Platter sold, we will donate 2€ for "Azione contro la fame"]


Grandama Gina's Pappardelle : Long wide fresh pasta with stewed veal cheek and tomato sauce 11.00€

Pappardelle with Wild Boar Ragù: Long wide fresh pasta with wild boar meat and tomato sauce  12.00€

Tagliatelle with Porcini Mushrooms: Long fresh pasta with Porcini (precious type of mushroom) sauteed in olive Oil  10.00€

Casarecce with stewed pork ribs sauce: Fresh short pasta with baked pork ribs stewed in tomato sauce 10.00€

Pumpkins ravioli with butter and sage: Ravioli stuffed with pumpkins, Taleggio cheese and Amaretto seasoned with butter and sage 9,00€

Maccheroni with Duck Ragù: Square Flat fresh pasta with duck meat and tomato sauce  11,00€

Maccheroni with Tuscan Ragù: Square Flat fresh pasta with beef ragù and chicken liver patè 9,00€

Ribollita: Tuscan Bread Soup with mixed Vegetabes 7,00€

All kind of pasta is handmade by Chef Gina

Main Course

Beef steak:
T-Bone Steak [ Bistecca alla Fiorentina, minimun 1 kilo]: 

Sirloin Steak:  [minimun 600gr.]

Tenderloin in Chianti&Apple Sauce  20.00€

"Peposo": Stewed Beef Cooked in Red Wine and Black Pepper 12€

"Trippa" Florentine Style: is tripe stewed in Tomato sauce served with Parmesan 12.00€

Roasted Guinea Fowl wrapped in Tuscan bacon  13.00€

Baked Pork Ribs  13,00€

Florentine-style pork loin: pork loin cooked in the oven with aromatic Mediterranean herbs 11,00€ [sold out]

Each Main Course is Served with a Side Dish of Your Choice between
Roast Potatoes, Beans with Tomato sauce or Mixed Vegetables
Each extra Side Dish is charged at 3,00€


Montecatini Cialda: wafer filled with caramelized sugar and chopped almonds, served with Cream and Mascarpone and pieces of chocolate    5.00€

Cantuccini: Biscuits with Almonds; Typical Tuscan dessert for over 6 centuries.
Accompanied with Fortified Sweet Wine  5.00€
Accompanied with Vin Santo Chianti DOCG Casalvento or Vermouth "Antica Ricetta" Ruffino 5,50€
Accompanied with Vin Santo Chianti Riserva DOCG Marini 6,00€

Tiramisù: The classic Italian dessert famous all over the world  5.00€

Brigidini of Lamporecchio with mousse tiramisù and cherry syrup 5.00€

Cantumatto: basket made of cantuccini with custard and fresh fruit 5.00€ [sold out]


House Wine: Red, White, White Sparkling

Little 0.25l.  3.00€
Medium 0.5l. 5.00€
Big 1l. 9.00€

Glass of Wine 150ml
red (depending on availibility) 4,00€
white (depending on availibility) 4,00€

Draft Beer Forst

little 0.2l   3.00€
medium 0.4l.   4.50€
big 1l.   9.00€

Soft Drinks: Coca-cola, Coca 0, Fanta, Tè (Lemon or Peach), Fruit Juice (Green Apple, Peach or Pear)  2.00€

Cover Charge  2.00€  ( Includes microfiltered water and bread )