Gina's Platter:  Assortment of Tuscan Cured Meats, Tuscan Ewe's cheese with Honey, Homemade Jams, Mixed Canapès and Fried Dough  10.00€

Vegetarian Plate: Tuscan Ewe's cheese with Honey and Homemade Jams, Fried Dough, Canapès with Tomatoes and Mushrooms  9.00€

Ancient Tuscan: Pig Head Sausage, Pig Neck Sausage, Bacon, Tuscan Salami, Prato's Mortadella IGP, Seasoned Cheese with Honey and Chicken-liver canapès  8.00€

Big Platter of the Trattoria: Selection of all the other Appetizer, ideal to share  16.00€


Tuscan Maccheroni with Duck Ragù: Square flat fresh pasta with duck meat and tomato sauce  11.00€

Pappardelle with Wild Boar Ragù: Long wide fresh pasta with wild boar meat and tomato sauce  11.00€

Tagliatelle with Porcini Mushrooms: Long fresh pasta with Porcini (precious type of mushroom) sauteed in olive Oil  10.00€

Mugello Ravioli with Tuscan Ragù: Ravioli stuffed with Potatoes seasoned with beef ragout and chicken liver patè 9.00€

Tagliatelle whit White Ragù: Long fresh pasta topped with White Meat sauce  9.00€

Main Course

We are in Tuscany, under the Kilo do not call it "Steak"(at least in the fillet with the typical T-Shaped bone)

Beef steak [minimun maturation of 3 weeks]:
Tenderloin Steak [ Bistecca alla Fiorentina, minimun 1 kilo]:  3.8€/100gr.
Sirloin Steak:  3.0€/100gr.

Tenderloin in Chianti&Apple Sauce  20.00€

Entrecote Steak served Sliced with flavored Oil with Sage and Rosemary 18.00€

Stewed Meat ("Peposo" or "Trippa", depending on availability) 13.00€
"Peposo" is diced beef stewed in Chianti and Black Pepper
"Trippa" is tripe stewed in Tomato sauce served with Parmesan

Main Course of the Day: depending on availability  13.00€

Baked Pork Ribs  12.00€

Each Main Course is Served with a Side Dish of Your Choice between
Roast Potatoes, Beans with Tomato sauce or Mixed Vegetables


Are all Homemade with the exception of the Cialda, which is the typical dessert of Montecatini Terme

Montecatini Cialda: wafer filled with caramelized sugar and chopped almonds, served with a compact Cream and Mascarpone cream. The Cialda is accompanied with a glass of Moscato d'Asti DOCG   5.00€

Cantuccini: Biscuits with Almonds; Typical Tuscan dessert for over 6 centuries. Are accompanied with a glass of Vin Santo, typical Tuscan sweet wine  5.00€

Tiramisù: The classic Italian dessert famous all over the world. Accompanied with a glass of Zibibbo, typical Sicilian sweet wine  5.00€

Cake of the Day: depending on availability  5.00€


Wine Tasting: three 100 ml. Glasses  10.00€

Sangiovese Lovers

-Sangiovese IGT Tenuta Montecchiesi
-Rosso di Montalcino DOCG Colombini
-Mandrione IGT La Corsa

"Sweet" Lovers

-Carminio IGT Fattoria Casalbosco
-Semel IGT Agricola Betti
-Modus IGT Ruffino

Chianti Lovers

-Chianti DOCG Casalvento
-Chianti Riserva DOCG Villa Paternino Marini
-Chianti Classico DOCG Castello d'Ama

House Wine: Red, White, White Sparkling

Little 0.25l.  3.00€
Medium 0.5l. 5.00€
Big 1l. 9.00€

Draft Beer Forst 5.2°

Little 0.2l. 3.00€
Medium 0.4l. 4.50€
Big 1l. 9.00€

Bottled Beer Weinstephaner 500ml. 5.00€

Soft Drinks: Coca-cola, Coca 0, Sprite, Fanta, Tè (Lemon or Peach), Fruit Juice (Green Apple, Peach or Apricot)  2.00€

Lunch Menù (Sundays and Holidays Excluded)

First and Main Course of the Day, little wine or little beer included
Ask us to find out what's today

Cover Charge  2.00€  ( Includes microfiltered water and bread )